Our Team

Jean MCAllister

Jean McAllister earned a PhD in English at the University of Washington in Seattle, but her main credentials are a saving faith in Jesus Christ as Redeemer of sinners. She has been a friend and mentor to George Bataringaya for many years. She served the Lord Jesus as a missionary in Rwanda from 2005-2015, and has been privileged to watch Youth Renewed Ministries develop and grow. Now living in the US, at age 81, Jean is active in a new African-flavor church ministry of Bellevue Presbyterian Church. She is a strong advocate of children whose hopes have been destroyed through abuse, homelessness, abandonment, and poverty. She is especially interested in encouraging and raising up leaders such as George and Jemima and their team who can be bridges of love and transformation through the Gospel of Jesus Christ to such young people.

We strive to create a place for every young person, where they will get to know and experience the love of God, a place to flee from the intensiveness of this world, a place where they can be loved, appreciated and where they are not scared to make mistakes, a place where they can feel safe and secure, express themselves and grow in the word of God.

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