Future Projects

1. Buying land
2. Building soccer field
3. Houses for beneficiaries : We want to have a property where we can build/rent or buy a house for kids/young people who are willing and ready to leave the street or who want to change but don’t have any home, or relative or anywhere to go.
4. Gym, park, swimming pool

Below are some drawings of our future projects :


5. Professional soccer team : We want to have a strong evangelical soccer team for those whose passion is soccer, so that they can enjoy playing but also grow in the word of God ; this team can even go to the level of national competition, but with the main Centre of spreading the gospel to the other teams and soccer lovers at large.
Partners : To partner with other individuals or ministries that have the vision of helping young people (as sponsors) to discover who they are and what they can be through the word of God, so that they can take care of kids who want to pursue their career in different ways.

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